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Versatile Academy

In the organizations, while we are trying to solve business problems/ needs of the clients, we are always navigating complexity of the meta-organization and our own organization itself.

Which we why Versatile Focuses on deep learning modular workshop to develop skills that are required by everyone in organization.


Versatile Academy

Workshops to Navigate the organization.

With a focus on knowledge stickiness for the real world organization. Based on experience gathered over years of working as coach & consultant for large corporations to start-ups.

Business Transformation Coach

In this new world, we need to get back the Adaptiveness and Flexibility that organization had once.

We need to create a network sufficiently knit closely while maintaining the looseness. And make collaboration fluid.

Be the multi-facet Business transformation coach that these organizations need.


Applied Organization Design for Business Agility

An adaptive organization needs the structure to support the life in fast paced environment.

The Design needs understanding and learning the organization and then collaboration with customer on the deepest level.

Versatile Leadership & Leadership Pipeline Development

Every organization needs leadership skills in every corner and on every task. Question most of the times is how we develop these skills.

And to add how do you create a space for these leaders to grow and develop a flow towards becoming leader of leaders and to work on cultivating new leaders.

Based on Deep Learning and How we grasp knowledge.

All our courses designs are based on various researches done across globe on how we humans learn and convert the learnings to knowledge to wisdom.

Brain works

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