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Versatile Deep Learning

Versatile Deep Learning


Based on our understanding of various knowledge management and learning models, we decided that it was important for us to have a way of making sure that participants who join in our workshops, get most and have learning that stick.

We design our trainings to promote active experimentation of the concepts being worked on using the practice phase and foster abstract conceptualization using explore phase.


We design our workshops to make assimilation and internalization of the concept with various techniques but especially 4C model


During our workshop and after the workshop exercises and post workshop module we create space and opportunities for practicing and interactive sharing in a way that the concepts practiced in its original form by the participants are shared.


A concept, a technique learned can be used in multiple scenarios with slight modification according to the context, we purposefully add these explorations in our workshops.


This is where perception and processing continuums converge to make concrete experience into explicit knowledge. Our post workshop sessions and group work sessions are focused on this combination.