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Over 20 Years of  real experience

Versatile Academy is part of Versatile.

Versatile has a passion for helping clients achieve sustainable growth through coaching, consultancy, and training.

With partners and collaborators in various countries throughout Europe and Asia, no matter where you are or what industry or field you operate in, Versatile cares about supporting you to evolve and expand in a way that lasts.

Versatile Academy


We don’t believe in certification as way to prove your learning. We provide certificates for reasons of govt. subsidies or to confirm your participation in some cases.

Deep learning

All our courses designs are based on various researches done across globe on how we humans learn and convert the learnings to knowledge to wisdom.

Cambio a Gran Escala

Desenlaza la magia de Cambio a gran escala - Whole Scale Change

Cambio a gran escala – Whole Scale Change es un enfoque de aprendizaje en acción diseñado para “tener a todo el sistema” en la sala y liberar la magia dentro de la organización. A través de una serie de eventos en grupos pequeños y grandes, Whole-Scale Change permite que todo el sistema trabaje junto utilizando metodologías sólidas basadas en teorías para lograr una transformación acelerada. I

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